Live Services

While the church buildings were closed, we held online services each Sunday at 10am. Some were streamed live on our Facebook page, whereas more complicated services with more videos were put on YouTube, and others audio-only services. Below are links to all the services that were broadcast live.

The easiest way to view our live services is to go to our Live page on Facebook just before 10am on a Sunday and look for the first link, which should say 'live now'. Past live-streamed services are also visible there. See below for more detailed instructions.

If you're having trouble finding the live services on a Sunday morning, we have created a quick instruction video to try to help. Do let Rachel know if you still can't get it to work, but if all else fails go to the Facebook page after 11am on a Sunday and there should be a post saying "Bluebell Benefice was live" which will be a recording of the service, or click on the link below or on the Home Worship page.

Remember that the live-streamed services sometimes have 10 minutes of bells or images before the service starts, so you can skip over that if watching later.

Instructions on how to watch live

The service will be live-streamed from around 9:50am each Sunday, on the Bluebell Benefice Facebook page. You might like to print the order of service if you would like to follow the responses.

If you have a Facebook account then the easiest way is to watch through the Facebook app, or in a web browser such as Chrome. This works on computers, laptops, phones or tablets.

If you don't have a Facebook account then watching live will unfortunately not work on a phone or tablet. However, watching live should still work on a computer or laptop. Once the link to the service recording appears at about 11am then you should be able to watch that on any device.

So, to watch the service live just go to the Facebook link after 9:50am (or reload the page with the circular arrow near the web address at the top of your screen after then) and look for the post that says "Bluebell Benefice is live now" as in the image below.

Click on the video below that and double-click again (or on a phone/tablet 'stretch' the screen with two-fingers) to make it full-screen.

If at any point the live feed is lost then go back to the Benefice Facebook page again, and refresh the page until the live feed reappears.

Some people have had problems with the Safari browser on older phones or tablets. If so perhaps try the Chrome browser if you can or use the Facebook app.

But if you can't get it to work, don't worry, as we'll post a link to the recording here a little after the service finishes.