Little Gransden organ

This Organ was installed by a North London organ builder named Pease, probably about 1902. It has been described as "a concoction of second-hand materials not very skillfully contrived".

The specification was as follows:

  • Open Diapason 8ft.

  • Stopped Bass 8ft.

  • Dulciana 8ft TC

  • Gedact 8ft TC

  • Orchestral Flute 4ft.

  • Harmonic Piccolo 2ft.

  • Hautboy 8ft.

  • Bourdon 16ft 12 pedals only.

  • Manual compass 54 notes.

The Orchestral Flute is a Principal and the Piccolo is a Fifteenth.

In 1960 a second-hand electric blower in a new case was fitted. This came from Long Crendon Baptist Church, Buckinghamshire.

In 1970 E. J. Johnson, organ builders from Cambridge, cleaned the organ but took the Hautboy, which required revoicing, in part payment.

In 1976 Norman Hall & Sons completely dismantled and repaired the Organ. The missing Hautboy was replaced with an Oboe 8ft. (ex St Ives Free Church). A reconditioned pedal board was fitted (ex Leys School, Cambridge) and the Bourdon extended with extra pipes to give 30 notes.