The Bluebell Benefice

A warm welcome to The Bluebell Benefice, which covers the parishes and churches of Great Gransden, Little Gransden, Abbotsley and Waresley in South Huntingdonshire and South West Cambridgeshire.

Christian Aid Week, 15th-21st May

With all that has been happening it is doubly important to make a place for Christian Aid Week, which starts on May 15th. This year's project concentrates on women in Zimbabwe whose crops have failed due to drought. Envelopes will be in our churches, or please donate online.

Sunday 22th May 2022

This Sunday's Benefice Communion will be held in St Margaret, Abbotsley at 10am, followed by the first part of our Platinum Pilgrimage walk.

The Annual Report for 2021-2 is also available.

May Services

Five Sundays this month, so there's plenty going on. May 22nd is Rogation Sunday and we have our Platinum Pilgrimage Walk after the morning service at Abbotsley. Ascension Day is commemorated with a special service in the Old Churchyard, Waresley on Thursday 26th.

The packed Platinum Jubilee week begins with Party in the Pews, a music festival in Great Gransden Church on Saturday 14th between 1 and 8pm.

Coffee, Chat and Compline has returned again, but there will be no session on the 8th or 22nd of May. And Lego Church will take place on Sunday 29th at 4pm.

There will continue to be distinct spaces in our churches kept for those wishing for a little extra social-distance, and where masks should always be worn. In the rest of the building, you are welcome to mask or unmask as you feel ready and comfortable. We continue to be as mindful as possible of one another's different vulnerabilities, to give one another room and to keep pace with one another's needs.

Please see our Services page for more details.

Coffee, Chat & Compline

Grab a drink and snack of your choice, and curl up in the company of friends. We have an informal discussion about faith and prayer, before we close our time together in the gentle and peaceful service of Compline.

We return this Sunday 1st May at 5pm. The meeting is held online on Google Meet, so if you use your phone or tablet you might like to install the Google Meet app in preparation. To join please click on this meeting link just before 5.

Here is a useful prayer 'toolshed' with different approaches to prayer.

Lego Church

At 4pm one Sunday each month we hold Lego Church, perfect for children young and old who love letting their imaginations run wild with Lego. We start with a thought for the day, then tell a story from the Bible, get into groups to make Lego constructions inspired by the story, and show each other what we have made.

We now meet in the Lighthouse Café in Great Gransden. For more info please contact Rev. Rachel and see our monthly calendar for the date.

Annual Report

Our Benefice Annual Report for the year 2020-1 is available, covering all that has been happening in our churches.

Daily Worship

Here are some links to resources for prayer and reflection that you can use at home.

A prayer for calm

When Jesus speaks to the woman from Samaria, He reassures her that it does not matter to God where or when we worship, but whether we do so ‘in spirit and in truth’, as our true selves. If your true self, like mine, feels rather frightened, shaken and overwhelmed by the enormity of these times, then let’s make that the starting point of our worship. This is a Celtic prayer for stilling our hearts:

Encircle us, O God,

keep faith within,

keep panic without.

Encircle us, O God,

keep hope within,

keep despair out.

Encircle us, O God,

keep love within,

keep fear without.

Adapted from David Adam’s

"The Cry of the Deer"

Get in touch

The Revd. Rachel Blanchflower can be contacted at:, or by phone on: 07824 380 479.

Rachel’s post is half-time, but she will be in the villages most days of the week – except for Mondays and Thursdays, her days off.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries about weddings, baptisms, funerals, home/hospital visits or exploring the Christian faith – or if you’d just value tea and a chat.

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