The Bluebell Benefice

A warm welcome to The Bluebell Benefice, which covers the parishes and churches of Great Gransden, Little Gransden, Abbotsley and Waresley in South Huntingdonshire and South West Cambridgeshire.

While the church buildings are closed, we are still holding online services each Sunday at 10am, with virtual coffee and chat every other week at 11am. Some are streamed live on our Facebook page, whereas more complicated services with more videos are put on YouTube, or some may be audio-only services. We also provide a midweek service and other prayer resources. All details are posted on this website shortly before or see the live services page if you're having trouble viewing the service, and see our Home Worship page for links to all the services that we have done.

Ninth Sunday after Trinity, 9th August 2020

Our Benefice Sunday service of Holy Communion will be live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. A recording of the service will be available by 11am.

Ivan Aivazovsky's ''Walking on Water'

Not-the-Little-Gransden-Church-Fete Raffle and Auction!

Take a look at the feast of prizes available in Little Gransden's big summer raffle and auction to raise much-needed money for our beautiful church.

To enter, return the counterfoil in August's edition of Roundabout before August 28.

Little Gransden Raffle & Auction - 2020.pdf

Services in the churches

We are beginning short midweek services in our Benefice churches throughout August:

Tuesdays at 6pm: Evening Prayer

Thursdays at Midday: Morning Prayer/Holy Communion

These will be held in a different church each week. You will need to wear a face mask to services, and please bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer for your personal use if possible. See our services page for full details.

Our Sunday 10am services continue online.

Installation service, 13th September 2020

On 13th September, Revd Rachel will be officially installed as Rector of our Benefice by the Bishop; up until this point, she has held the post of Priest-in-Charge. We're required to post notice of this in the churches. For a little background on what this means, see Iain Strath's article on page 7 of May's Roundabout. More details of the service will follow closer to the date.

Eighth Sunday after Trinity, 2nd August 2020

Our Benefice Sunday service of Holy Communion was live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. A recording of the service is now available.

Church Buildings

The government has announced that from June 15th places of worship across the country can begin to reopen. We have been working hard on how this can be done safely for our churches; Waresley, Great Gransden and Little Gransden are open during the day for private prayer. Please do still follow the distancing guidelines and remain careful of what you touch, washing and sanitizing hands before and afterwards.

The Feast of St James the Greater, 26th July 2020

Our special patronal service for Waresley was live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. A recording of the service is now available.

In addition there was a short patronal service held outside in the old churchyard, Vicarage Road, Waresley at 11:30am.

Midweek, 22nd July 2020

A short reflection for midweek.

The Feast of St Margaret of Antioch, 19th July 2020

Our special patronal service for Abbotsley was live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. A recording of the service is now available.

Abbotsley church will be open for private prayer from 2-4pm this afternoon (Sunday).

Fifth Sunday after Trinity, 12th July 2020

Our benefice service was live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. This week's service involves some of Barnabas Oley's excellent Spirited Arts project-work & thinking and will also include a song virtually recorded by the Gransdens' Choir and Benefice Band. A recording of the service is now available.

Midweek, 8th July 2020

A short reflection for midweek.

Journeying through June and July

An opportunity for gentle reflection and discussion on matters of faith and discipleship, based around a selection of short podcasts. Listen to a short podcast then join us on Zoom at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoons if you’d like to discuss what you’ve listened to!

Journeying through June & July.pdf

Daily Worship

Here are some links to resources for prayer and reflection that you can use at home.

FFF June 2020.pdf
Letter template Rainbow.pdf
Loaves and Fishes.pdf

Fourth Sunday after Trinity, 5th July 2020

Our benefice service with prayers for healing was live-streamed on our Facebook page at 10am on Sunday. A recording of the service is now available.

Midweek, 1st July 2020

A reflection for midweek by Anne Constantine.

Benefice Update - 17th March 2020

Dear all,

All church services cancelled

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, the archbishops have just written with great sadness to confirm that all acts of public worship must cease until further notice. This means that there will no longer be services held on a Wednesday morning in Little Gransden, or on Sundays in any of our churches.

Prayer continuing

Assuming I am not myself in isolation, I will be continuing to say Morning Prayer privately in each of the churches as often as I am able during the week, offering daily prayers for you, these villages, those for whom you are concerned and all the wider world. If you would like me to pray for anyone in particular, especially as things develop over these weeks, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email/text. Your requests will be kept confidential. If you would like to join me in praying daily from home, please see the Church of England's daily prayer page.

Churches open

Great Gransden, Little Gransden and Waresley churches will remain open as usual during the daytime (Abbotsley, on request): please feel free to use these beautiful, peaceful spaces for prayer and reflection at any point in the day, though do be careful to wash hands/use sanitiser after touching door handles etc. In a few days there will be candles you can light in the churches, and some reading & prayer resources you can use.

Worship at home

Each week I will be making a simple Sunday service sheet available, which those who would like to, can use at home. It will provide the Bible readings for the day, a short reflection on the passage, links to some music, and a couple of prayers to say. I also hope to provide a short midweek reflection. These will be made available primarily on this site, as well as on the churches’ own websites, Facebook page, and through links on Touchbase and the Waresley Crier. If anyone knows anyone who would like to receive regular hard copies, please just let me know. (As we approach the special services of Holy Week and Easter, I might even attempt some live-streamed services...but am learning as I go!) And if you have any other ideas for what you would find helpful, again please do get in touch. I am especially after some fun – and safe – ideas for Easter Sunday!

Light a candle

We have been called by our Archbishops to keep this coming Mothering Sunday (22nd March) as a day of prayer and action for all those being affected by the virus. We have been invited to place a lighted candle in our window at 7pm, as a sign of solidarity and hope in the light of Christ that can never be extinguished.

A prayer for calm

Last Sunday we listened to Jesus’ conversation with the woman from Samaria, when He reassured her that it does not matter to God where or when we worship, but whether we do so ‘in spirit and in truth’, as our true selves. If your true self, like mine, feels rather frightened, shaken and overwhelmed by the enormity of these times, then let’s make that the starting point of our worship. This is a Celtic prayer for stilling our hearts:

Encircle us, O God,

keep faith within,

keep panic without.

Encircle us, O God,

keep hope within,

keep despair out.

Encircle us, O God,

keep love within,

keep fear without.

Adapted from David Adam’s

"The Cry of the Deer"

The other wonderful joy of worship is that when we do it, we join together with the whole faithful company of those in both heaven and on earth – so we are never truly on our own! I am fixing my heart longingly upon the wonderful service of thanksgiving we shall hold together once we are eventually through these times...

May the God of Peace protect and be with you all. Please do not hesitate to email/phone me at any stage in these next weeks if you would like to talk anything through, or receive a blessing or be prayed for over the phone: I am here to help in any way I can.

The Archbishops have left us with this challenge: ‘We urge you brothers and sisters to be a different sort of church in these coming months: hopeful and rooted in the offering of prayer and praise, and overflowing in service to the world.’ Amen to that.

With my love and prayers,


Get in touch

The Revd. Rachel Blanchflower can be contacted at:, or by phone on: 07824 380 479.

Rachel’s post is half-time, but she will be in the villages for part of most days of the week – except for Thursdays, her day off.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries about weddings, baptisms, funerals, home/hospital visits or exploring the Christian faith – or if you’d just value tea and a chat.